Communication, Interaction & Community 

Timeline: 3 weeks

︎︎︎ Stakeholder Mapping
︎︎︎ Feedback Loops

Task: Clearly communicate the power dynamics, organizing infrastructure, motivations and shared values which structure our selected community group or organization.

Our group chose to map the organizations, negotiations and maintainence of the East End Food Co-op in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

East End Food Co-op is a market that is committed to providing fresh, organic produce and other staples to the Pittsburgh community. Unlike most big-box grocery stores and supermarkets, East End sources its products strictly from local businesses, which fosters a sense of community and peace of mind for customers. The co-op operates on feedback from members in order to change their policies and by-laws. By involving members in the decision-making process, the co-op makes its operations more efficient. The co-op is also deeply concerned with sustainable initiatives, whether through partnerships with other organizations or innovation of its internal processes. East End Food Co-op is undoubtedly a landmark organization for the Homestead neighborhood and beyond.

Our group chose to map them because the East End Food Co-op is unique in terms of its sustainable commitments, especially in a country where large chains dominate grocery sales. All vendors are 250 miles within Pittsburgh. After reading about how the co-op partners with 412 Food Rescue, an organization that were introduced to us in Placing last semester, we became more interested in analyzing this system and how it connects with other sustainable organizations in Pittsburgh. As far as style, we wanted to create a natural feel through the different greens and the earthy brown. Our color palette is also consistent with the co-op’s brand style.