Identity system for TEDxCMU 2023 Conference
Branding & Identity
Motion Graphics
Timeline: 15 weeks
In collaboration with: Elise Chapman, Shannon Lin, Anthony Pan, and Yuer Zhu

Diffraction is the process by which a source of light, sound, or other system of waves is spread as a result of passing through a narrow aperture or across an edge, typically accompanied by interference between the waveforms produced. This year’s conference elevates people who are willing to use their voice to influence, persuade, and change others’ worldview and perspective exponentially.

Board Hoodies + Headshots

For the board-exclusive hoodies, I created seven varying renditions of the “X” design, connoting each of the different teams on the TEDx board: design, innovation, logistics, finance, speaker curation, public relations, and salon.
The theme for the 2023 conference represents the interaction and dissemination of ideas. It is using one voice to spread fresh perspectives to many others. Diffraction keeps us open-minded. Today, we bring together a diverse set of voices to keep us energized and excited to absorb innovative ideas. We realize how much these voices can have an impact.
Updated May 2024