The Animal Project

Task: Choose an endangered animal native to where you’re from. I chose to focus on project on the West Indian Manatee.

Timeline: 8 weeks


︎︎︎ 2D and 3D Modeling
︎︎︎ Animation
︎︎︎ Adobe Illustrator
︎︎︎ Adobe AfterEffects
Part 1

Task: Use found and reclaimed packaging plastic containers you’ve collected ̖to create your animal. As you build, think about the characteristics and qualities that make your animal unique.

To view my process for this project, click here

Part 2

Task: Create a two-dimensional translation of your animal form and its habitat, in color, and on paper.
Part 3

Task: Create a stop-motion animation that is a new interpretation of your animal form. Find new ways to represent your animal with simple visuals and interactions that represent the animal in its environment. 

I used AfterEffects to create an animation that reflected the manatee’s playful nature and generally relaxed behavior.
Hannah Lesser 2022