The Animal Project: Part 1 (2021)

From the brief: “Research and select an endangered or extinct animal from the part of the world where you grew up. Use found and reclaimed packaging̖ plastic containers you’ve collected ̖to create your animal. As you build, think about the characteristics and qualities that make your animal unique. Carefully consider how the various sizes, shapes, textures, and colors work together to create your particular animal. Proportion, scale, visual weight, line, curve, and color become critical in effectively representing the animal form. Keep in mind, your task is to represent your animal’s essence through abstract forms. You will need to interact with the animal you create. How is it manipulated to mimic the movements or behavior of the original animal? How does the movement emphasize the character of the animal’sbehavior? How you achieve this is your decision, but keep it in mind as you begin designing and building.”

I chose to focus on project on the West Indian Manatee. To view my process for this project, click here

Hannah Lesser 2022